...being there, but without the crowds

...being there, but without the crowds

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Jan 2023


Feb 2021

My Guidebook to Tuscany's Secrets

Dec 2018

Who won the Palii in 2018

The Palio winners of 2018: Drago, Lupa, Tartuca

Photo by Janus Kinase

Sep 2018

Extra Palio October 2018

With great surprise on Saturday the 20th of October 2018 an extra Palio will take place, to commemorate the centenary of the end of the Great War.

Aug 2018

Why this October the 20th 2018 extra Palio

The reason why this Extra Palio of October 2018

Aug 2017

Onda wins Palio of August

Carlo Sanna AKA Brigante brings the Palio to Onda

Aug 2017

Running horses for August Palio '17

Assegnazione: when horses are assigned to running contrade. Three powerful horses made Torre, Istrice & Valdimontone happy

Aug 2017

Presentation of the Palio for August 2017

Artist Sinta Tantra presents her Palio for August 2017 race, dadicated to  sculptor Giovanni Dupré

Jul 2017

Palio August 2017 - running contrade

Lupa, Aquila, Bruco will run with the other seven contrade

Jul 2017

Giraffa wins Palio di Luglio 2017

Madonna di Provenzano, Luglio 2017

Very intense Palio with a never-ending mossa, Tartuca's horse had no intention to run, and at dawn Giraffa wins the race.

Jun 2017

Running horses for July Palio '17

La Tratta: when horses are assigned to running contrade

Jun 2017

Presentation of the Palio for July 2017

Very appreciated by the public the Palio for July race painted by artist Laura Brocchi.

May 2017

Palio July 2017 - running contrade

We now know the four lucky contrade running for the Palio of July 2017: Aquila, Tartuca, Giraffa & Bruco.

Oct 2016

Lupa: The Epic Party

The theme party for Lupa was the Epic Journey, of classical imprint. We had Hercules and his fellows sailing in the sea of perils, fighting to reach the glorious victory.

Sep 2016

Istrice wins Masgalano 2016

The committee Amici del Palio in Piazza del Campo

Good news for Istrice, well deserved Masgalano price for her arduous year

Aug 2016

Palio 2016, Lupa triumphs!

Both Palii are brought in the Cathedral

After waiting for long  27 years, Lupa triumphs in 2016 with both Palii, what a great celebration for Lupa!

Dec 2015

The Palio movie, a perfect introduction!

The Palio documentary movie introduces you to the complexity of the race... Which is not really (only) a horse race!

Aug 2015

Torre and Selva get the Palio 2015

The Palio, agust 2015

Torre and Selva are proud to get the Palio for 2015 season